Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vintage, Period, and Mid-Century Homes in Utah

I'm searching online and I see there are people here in Utah County who appreciate older homes!! I see so many cool homes with a ton of potential who just really need some love and I get so inpsired but I can't restore them all myself!! Generally here in Utah County when people are looking they want new. The only time older homes are considered is when price comes in. Then of course the plan is to make it look as new as possible! If you love vintage or mid century modern homes bargains abound in Utah County and your likely to be the only buyer who appreciates it for what it is. Of course like I mentioned above it will likely need some love but many homes in my area are still owned by the original owners and wonderfully maintained! I've seen homes 50+ years in better shape than homes less than 3 years old!!

Well I just love old homes period. So if you see something great please post pics! If you'd like to find something I'd love to help you with that!
You can contact me here or get info about home buying on my site www.melaniekomenkul.com

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